Mistaken Identity

 [this poem is meant to be for fun…ever have people tell you who you look like? I’ve actually had people argue with me that I wasn’t me!]

When I was paying for my gas
the clerk said, “You look like Monica,
You know. The one on the angel show.”
She counted my change.
I closed my hand around it.
“I hear that a lot.”I knew that punch

Later, at a Christmas party,

A girl named Kelly comes up to me,

“Wow, you look like

that girl on Hope Floats.”

I smile. “Really?”


 was spiked.

An old man at Wal-mart

keeps grinning at me,”forgive me, Miss.

I gotta tell you this,

Because it ain’t every day

You meet a movie star’s twin.

You look just like Katharine Ross.”

A man in the mall

swears I went to highschool with him,

that I don’t know my own name.

A guy at the corner store

argues with me that I’m the girl

who works at Wal-mart.

My dog, however,

has never confused me

for anyone else.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t

watch T.V.


That Angel Girl


katharine_ross_1thumbnailcopy-of-wanda3img12another mistaken identity

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

3 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity”

  1. i can see where people might think your a movie star…the girl on Charlies Angels or maybe Julia Robetrs…My daughters like that, can change her looks and always look good.
    myself i get people saying..you need to meet this sculptor they say they saw who’s work was at at the Library or a show ( and they don’t believe it’s me when i say it was my work..)..every one says the same thing..” No Honey, this is a “real” sculptor”..like i don’t know i made it or where i had it presented that day… guess i just don’t look like a sulptor..so i sort of can realte with this poem..
    good work..

  2. This is do funny. I’m usually with you when someone tells you that you look like these people.
    I like this poem alot… It’s cute.

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