Just thoughts about names…

Names like Ma’kita and Nochipa
are exotic, mysterious
while Moon Dancer and Rainbow Hopper
sound ditzy spiritual or hippie-wise,

but there comes a time when it’s okay
to be Judy or Jane, or to wear Cindy
or Sandra for your title, a time when

you decide that a name given by parents
was chosen for a reason, no matter how
uninspired others may think it to be…so,

maybe Darlene is darling,
beloved and ancient, not mysterious,
nor magical…but a gift from one

who imagined
its wearer would weave
threads of love and peace.

Thanks, Momma. Good Light.
[Bonnie Eleanora]

*Okay, after this week’s serious moments, I felt a light hearted experimental piece to be in order.

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

4 thoughts on “Just thoughts about names…”

  1. I have no idea where the “Jerry” part of my name came from, but I have been told on numerous occasions where “Pat” came from. Back in the old days of the last century there was a comical sidekick of the western star Gene Autry and later played Mr. Hany on the television show “Green Acres.” His name was Pat Buttram, and my namesake. Nice work about the names we are saddled with by our parents.

  2. I like Green Acres! haha and Mr. Haney was a hoot. I love the comedy of that whole era. So, I think it is a fine legacy to be named after a man who brought laughter into the lives of others.

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