a book that pays it forward

With characters so real they seem to be made of breath and bone, Campbell draws us into the nucleus of this Appalachian family as if we are relatives. We feel their heartaches and yearn for their healing as though our own happiness depends on theirs. This is Southern fiction as its finest.
–Sandra Kring, author The Book of Bright Ideas

I Listened, Momma, is a tale in the style of Steele Magnolia and Where the Heart Is. It is scheduled for release from MoonGypsy Press December 1, 2010. All royalties go to Relay for Life as a testament to my stand against cancer and to honor my dad, who is currently fighting a battle with lung and liver cancer.

I welcome all reviews and thank anyone who purchases the book on behalf of everyone who has ever battled cancer or who has stood with a loved one who was doing so! This is one enemy that we, as human beings, all have in common. May we lift our voices as one and say, “It is enough.”

I ask all my fellow bloggers, poets and friends, to please help me in my quest of compassion by mentioning the book in your blogs and websites. …

Again, the book debuts DECEMBER 1, 2010. All author proceeds go to aid in the fight against cancer.



Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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