I recently discovered that the name of my blog, Raven’s Shadow, is also the name of a series of books, so I decided that it would be good to change my blog’s name. I mean after all change is inevitable, right?

Once my parents had a Plymouth car that they had bought. In time the car tore up and my dad couldn’t afford to fix it and nobody wanted to buy it, so he left it at the edge of the woods where it broke down and refused to budge for years and years. Nobody bothered the car and it was “set.” Yet, change still happened to it. In time, the seats cracked and faded, the fenders rusted, bugs got inside and died on the dash which the sun faded, weeds became entangled in the axles and the unchangeable car, changed.

I know of some folks who are just like that Plymouth. They’re “set” at the edge of their comfort zone and they won’t budge. They resist change, tooth, nail, and claw, they fear it and lament it and worry over it, but the truth is that change happens one way or another in our lives every day. Some changes come in an instant, like the unexpected job offer or the automobile accident. Some take years, like your hair going gray a few strands at a time. Some changes we have no control over, while others we deliberately bring about,  but everything is always changing. I don’t want to be like that car. While I do understand the need for consistency in the rearing of children and in the functioning of society and I truly “get” the notion of “if it’s not broken don’t fix it,” I also like the idea of, “What if there’s a better way that I haven’t yet discovered?” I don’t change just for the sake of changing, except that sometimes, I do.  Sometimes I get bored with everything being the same and I want to try something different in hopes of discovering something new and wonderful.

So, you may be thinking, “Good grief, she got all of that from just changing her blog’s name?” Naw,  not really. I’ve been thinking about it for a day or two, not the blog’s name. I just decided that this morning, but I’ve been thinking about change and about how it is always happening all around us. While I know there are some things about me that will never change, like where I came from, I also know that in order to effectively travel to where I’m going, to become the person I should become, I have to be open to opportunities and opportunities bring about changes.

Ironically, I do Bagauzhang and I’m thinking of what my teacher once told me, “It’s the ART of CHANGE.” Maybe that’s the key. Maybe successful change is an Art. In that case, it truly deserves a post on this blog, because this blog is dedicated to Art: the art of writing, the art of painting, the art of thinking, but mostly,  it’s dedicated to the art of living an authentic life. That’s what I want, an authentic and fearless life filled with adventure and wonder, and that means change.

Author: Darlene Franklin-Campbell

Poet, novelist, artist

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